Vivian June

Vivian June Cathcart arrived on January 3rd, 2017. She joined us a week early and extremely fast, nothing like I had mentally been expecting. She came out a little smaller but with more hair than her big brother. She has been the sweetest, snuggly baby and we are so thankful for her.

(Again, thanks to Holly for these photos).

Donut dates

Growing up I have special memories of donut dates. It was always a "dad thing." He would take my sister and I to get donuts at Shipley's on Saturday mornings, still in our pajamas. If I remember right, he would usually get a bear claw and we would get big powdered ones.

I took Cyrus to a local donut spot this morning, him still in his cute footsie PJs. It brought back good feelings of those wonderful moments with my dad. And of course Cyrus immediately took the donut, shoving almost half in his mouth at one time.  I look forward to making more traditions and memories like this one.
What small traditions to you remember doing with your parents?

Halloween 2016

Halloween this year included 2 fall festivals (the bouncy house was by far the biggest hit, runner up was the petting zoo), a visit from David's mom, no actual trick-or-treating (oops), and 1 adorable mad scientist. 
Also, I now feel it necessary to get a bouncy house in my living room for hours of entertainment, aesthetics be damned.
Baby#2 photo bomb, almost 30 weeks
First fire truck experience!
Beautiful walk on the canal with Nonni
That's all folks!


When we went to the pumpkin patch, Cyrus would not humor me with a photo. He kept running around (typical) and could not be bothered to cheese for the photo. And when we tried to decorate the pumpkins at home, it was handful and quickly turned into running around the yard with paint. Oh well, such is life with a very mobile little boy. Luckily, my neighbor snapped these cute ones for us today. He actually sat down for at least 5 minutes, a miracle, ha!

Stay tuned for Cyrus' halloween costume this weekend.

A day in the life

I work about 2 days a week and cherish my days off at home. Cyrus is like a sweet, handsome tornado of energy. He never. stops. moving. He is the generalized stereotype of "all boy." He gets into everything at all times. Dog bowls flipped over, glasses and cords pulled off tables that he shouldn't be able to reach, night lights and bottles thrown into the tub or toilet, etc. etc. Fast, strong, inquisitive. David sincerely says "I always want a 1-year old in the house." 
Extra good days involve visits from friends and park dates.
We usually run errands at some point. And i'm pretty lucky because Cyrus is an excellent shopping buddy. He loves to be out and about. 
More playing.

And sometimes we play so hard we break things.  Sigh, RIP lamp.
Eating is always this messy. Which warrants a lot of baths.
Speaking of dinner...I had frozen pulled pork I needed to use from when David smoked some a while back. BBQ nachos make a freaking delicious easy dinner. Toss the pork with whatever BBQ sauce you have, throw on chips with cheese and broil for a few mins in the oven. Then top with cilantro, red onion, and sour cream. MMMM!
My sous chef every night is pretty cute too.
This barely feels exaggerated. 

Some days are more exhausting than others, some days I lose my patience more than others, but i'm thankful. And ALWAYS thankful for bed time too!